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365 Art+Case46.SOUKASHI. PURE GOLD/ Dubai Collection

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365Art+ Case 46 SOUKASHI. PURE GOLD/ Dubai Collection In this issue, you can meet new artists from all over the world. . In this issue, we will be exploring some of the most exciting and innovativeNAILS FASHION ideas . As well asyou can meet new influencers, artists, business people from Dubai. この号では、世界中から新しいアーティストに出会うことができます。最もエキサイティングで革新的なアイデアを探求します。 この号は94ページで、日本で高品質な紙に印刷されたハードグロスカバーマガジンです。 94 pages, Hard Gloss Cover Magazine printed on a high quality paper in Japan . 4 YUMIKO NISHIDA Japan Osaka 6 磯部宗潤 爪華師 CEO Soukashi Team Japan Ceo Sojun Isobe 8 EVA. Osaka Japan 10 KANAKO SATO Hakodate Japan 12 MIKI MCOUTURE Kumamoto Japan 14 Osaka Japan, Ny YUKI HIDAKA 16 ATELIER Ilsogno Natsumi 18 佐藤直子. NAOKO SATO Hidatakayama (Gifu Japan) 20 IZUMI Kumamoto Japan 22 ABBIE. Kobe Japan 24 ASUKA Tree Nail Designer 26 NOBU. Kobe Japan 28 NORIKO IIZUKA Osaka Japan 30 NOZOMI YAMANOUCHI Miyazaki Japan 32 NEW YORK NAIL Fashion Week 2023s/S 34 MILANO NAIL Fashion Week 2023s/S 36 ROMA FILM FEST 2022 38 JAPAN NAIL Fashion Week 2023s/S 40 NEW YORK NAIL Fashion Week 2023a/W 42 PARIS NAIL Fashion Week 2023a/W Dubai Collection Team 4 DEBBIE WINGHAM 6 FABULEON The Yamato Adventures Part 27 8 SOPHIA BENYAHIA 10 AYA AT A GLANCE 12 ROISIN LINNANE. Every piece tells a story 14 BLACKWOOD. Craftsman studio 16 ОЛЬГА ОРДА 18 SAFIRO. A sustainable luxury womenswear brand based in london belgravia 20 NICOLETTA ADDA. AND THE ART OF STYLE 21 SUSAN HERSH 22 DANICA ERARD 23 ANTONINIAS HERITAGE and how you got started 24 GAME OVER ESCAPE ROOMS BOARD GAME CAFÉ 25 THE ART OF DRESSING A LUXURY PROPERTY 26 MARINA SHENGELIA 27 KARINE PETROSYAN 28 Delicate power ewels. Works of unconventional splendor 29 KRASOTA DUBAI 30 ROYAL FAMILIES DO IT. Nobility do it: Wear Soit Belle Jewelry 31 CHRIS WRIGHT 32 JOLITA JEWELLERY 33 ALEXCO. LTD. 34 The Fusion of Digital and Physical in a department store opening in Dubai! 35 A Passionate Achiever and Thought Leader: LUBNA NAEEM 36 BIBI OFF 37 TATIANA KARELINA 38 BELLA FLEUR SETS DUBAIABLOOM 39 SANDS OF INSPIRATION 40 MARBELLA AND DUBAI. Reale state markets 41 DESIGNME 42 ELENA ZHOSAN 43 SHE SHOPS FOR A LIVING 44 Sports referee FATIMA REAZAEI has become the epitome of success! 45 HARRINGTON 46 AL WATHBA, A LUXURY COLLECTION DESERT RESORT & SPA. HOTEL OVERVIEW 49 365 ART+ BUSINESS MAGAZINE 6 STARS AWARDS WINNERS OF THE CASE 45 "NIRVANA & DOLLS-3"

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