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365Art+Case48.Surreal World/Tatoo

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365Art+ Case 48 TATOO/ SREAL WORLD / In this issue, we will be exploring some of the most exciting and amaizing tatoo ans sureal art ideas and design. As well as you can meet new influencers, artists, business people from all over the world. 94 pages, Hard Gloss Cover Magazine printed on a high quality paper in Japan . Cover Artist: TEZMA 4 BETO VAL'S vintage surrealism 7 Ingo Lindmeier Photoshop Artist 8 Raana Amiri 9 TEZMA Art 10 Pedro Kubrick 11 Sumire Kudo 12 Élisa Chevalier 13 TONG XUANJUE 14 GYUNG STUDIO Illustrator 16 FAYBEL Ellie Nesbitt 17 Nazia Mohd 18 Ken-Ichi Krueger 19 Jennifer Eddins Fine Art Photographer 20 AHMADIEV TIMUR 21 KEVIN SLABY 22 KIM KIYEONG D. Ble (Dragon blade) 23 Anastasia Grintsova 24 TAMAKI NAGAKUBO 長久保環 25 AHMED MALIK Colored Pencil Artist 26 Asuka Hayami ハヤミアスカ 27 MARIE-CLAIRE SCHAGENÉ 28 TANISHU Fukuoka Graphic Illustrator 29 harachan 30 SEUNGBIN JEONG 31 Kodai Suzuki 鈴木 広大 32 MONA 33 ArtWithMees 34 Delaram 35 Eli Shams 36 < 花漾年華 > In the Mood for Love 37 Andrea Jones 38 Monkey Hands 39 潘洵 Pan Xun 40 クロノテツジ Tetsuji Kurono 41 Mitch Schwartz 42 JAIME MOROLDO Multidisciplinary artist 43 Hilary Campilan 44 Fabuleon The Yamato Adventures Part 31 Please note that , This is a Pre-Order ! We dont keep stock and print on Demand Only! Once your order is placed and accepted the process starts . Please understand that it takes time before the Magazines arrives to our office before shipping . Depending on the days it takes up to 3-4 weeks for the Hard copies to be ready. Shipping time ; Europe 7-10 days but may be some delays according to the countries . USA 5-7 days but may be some delays . Asia 5-7 days India 10-15 days Italy 10-20 days Please Understand We dont refund after 3 days of the acceptance and if the order is confirmed. We refund in case if there are our mistakes or some issues due to the shipping countries that have long delays or not available. We refund in 1 day in case if you place your order by some mistake and contacted us in 24 hours . Shipping fees are set by the Post office and we cant control that part , Japan has high rates for international delivery same as in other countries . Shipping fee includes packaging fee . Thank you for your kind understanding !

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