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Case 53 Architect/ Exclusive interview with Sakata Kazumasa, Who was involved in the construction in Fukuoka, namely the "Seahawk Hotel & Resort (now Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk)"and "Canal City Hakata. 坂田和應の独占インタビュー 福岡の建設に関与した坂田一正氏は、「シーホークホテル&リゾート(現在のヒルトン福岡シーホーク)」および「キャナルシティ博多」にかかわっていました。」 Cover Page 坂田和應 Photographer : Noda Masanao 坂田和應インタビュー 10 SAKATA KAZUMASA Interview with Chairman Sakada 16 AKIRA Architecture LTD. 18 EDUARDO GARCÍA SANTO Design is a beautiful manifestation of the human being to transcend 20 Designing for the Future: Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation 21 DANIEL CUERVO 22 Tim Fu 24 BREATHE IN 25 OUEST BEACH 26 LINK. The Fusion Of Digital And Physical in a Department Store Opening in Dubai! 27 SARA TALEB Architectural designer 28 FABULEON The Yamato Adventures Part 33 30 TALES OF ESTONIA by SEIGAR 31 GAME OVER ESCAPE ROOMS Board Game Café 32 ОЛЬГА ОРДА 33 HANDOWIN XUAN HE 34 AYA AT A GLANCE 35 AL WATHBA, A LUXURY COLLECTION DESERT RESORT & SPA Hotel Overview 36 PRITCHARD JOE 38 VELIZ ARQUITECTO 40 ANTON K ARTSTATION Environment Artist At S-Game 41 大石早矢香 OISHI SAYAKA 42 JOSÉ CORRALIZA MIRANDA 43 IMAGINATION0OR1 44 YEGOR ZHULDYBIN\ 45 YUKI MARK HIRAI 46 DMITRY SULDIN 47 JEONG SEUNGBIN

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