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Case 54 Wedding Day/Dolls4

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365Art+ Case 54 Wedding day/ Dolls 4 Welcome to the new issue of 365 ART+ BUSINESS MAGAZINE - CASE 54: WEDDING DAY & DOLLS-4. We are thrilled to present a Wedding edition featuring the BEST WORKS, showcasing a wide range of creative pieces that we hope will inspire and entertain you. In the second part of our issue, we have a popular edition, DOLLS-4. Our talented team has poured their hearts into curating this issue, and we can't wait to share it with you. Whether you're an art aficionado or simply someone who appreciates a good dose of creativity, we are here to make art accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for being a part of our artistic journey. Let's dive into the world of art together! 「365 ART+ BUSINESS MAGAZINE」最新号へようこそ - CASE 54: WEDDING DAY & DOLLS-4。 私たちは、最高の作品を特集したウェディングエディションをお届けできることをとても嬉しく思っています。さまざまなクリエイティブな作品が取り上げられており、皆様にインスピレーションを与え、楽しんでいただけることを願っています。 当号の第2部では、人気のあるエディションであるDOLLS-4を取り上げています。私たちの才能あるチームが、この号の編集に心を込めて取り組み、それを皆様と共有できることを楽しみにしています。 CoverArtis; Akemi Ichiba WEDDING DAY Cover Artist: BIBIUFFSTUDIO DOLLS4 94 pages, Hard Gloss Cover Magazine printed on a high quality paper in Japan . Please note that , This is a Pre-Order ! We dont keep stock and print on Demand Only! Once your order is placed and accepted the process starts . Please understand that it takes time before the Magazines arrives to our office before shipping . Depending on the days it takes up to 6-8weeks for the Hard copies to be ready. Shipping time ; Europe 7-10 days but may be some delays according to the countries . USA 5-7 days but may be some delays . Asia 5-7 days India 10-15 days Italy 10-20 days Please Understand We dont refund after 3 days of the acceptance and if the order is confirmed. We refund in case if there are our mistakes or some issues due to the shipping countries that have long delays or not available. We refund in 1 day in case if you place your order by some mistake and contacted us in 24 hours . . Shipping fee includes packaging fee . Thank you for your kind understanding !

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