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365Art+Case 60 People Creating 21st Century

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365 ART+ BUSINESS MAGAZINE, Case 60: "PEOPLE CREATING 21st CENTURY." We are thrilled to kick off the New Year of 2024 with a fresh edition appropriately titled "People Creating 21st Century.” In this issue, we are pleased to present an exclusive interview with PHIARO Inc. the President Iwasaki Toshihiro. Additionally, you will explore a curated collection of fashion-related designs, showcasing a diverse array of creative works designed to inspire and entertain. Our dedicated team has poured their passion into curating this issue, and we can't wait to share it with you. Whether you are a seasoned art aficionado or someone who simply enjoys a healthy dose of creativity, our goal is to make art accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We express our heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this artistic journey. Let's embark together on this voyage into the world of art! 94 pages, Hard Gloss Cover Magazine printed on a high quality paper in Japan . COVER PAGE ; PHIARO INC. CONTENTS 6 PHIARO,INC President IWASAKI TOSHIHIRO 14 LAS VEGAS 16 CULTURE CLASH CREATOR’S NIGHT EVENT. BY PHIARO.INC 20 JAKE DANKLEFS Founder, Creative Artist Footwear Designer 22 HONOKA 24 DEBBIE WINGHAM 26 PAVEL ART JEWELRY Designer artist 28 PAVEL ART JEWELRY 30 KANA 32 AARON SMITH HENRIKSON Makeup Artist for Madonna. Visual Artist 34 MASANAO NODA Photographer 36 KEIICHIRO YURI Fashion Designer 38 FACTORY900 40 RICKY REBEL 42 TWINKLE TIMERecording Artist,For Kids And Families 44 MIRA BLUES Singer, Songwriter Content Creator 45 SACHIE KISHIHARA MUA , Artist, Painter 46 MISS KRYSTLE 47 PAVEL ART JEWELRY 48 TRENT WALKER 49 SAINT HEART 50 BARON UEDA 51 PRAZISE WATCH 52 MY VIBE. VALERIYA KUTSAN 54 COSTUME DESIGNED by TENBO 55 LEKA 56 THEKILLER Fearless Creative Fashion Crew 58 Kids clothes Japanese Brand RIANNY 59 SACHIE KISHIHARA Artist, Painter 60 ICHIBA AKEMI TAKADA KENSUKE 62 JUN Nakamura 63 Jovana Louis BENOIT 64 MARINA Stepanenko 65 Junko KOMADA Hair and Makeup Artist 66 Garden GLORY 67 MIKISAUCE FINE ART Photographer 68 DALTLUCIA 69 VAL STERN 70 DR. CHRISTY WO 72 WEDAD AL KAABI 74 MICHAEL DYE 76 FELIX SEMPER 76 YAMAMOTO IKKEN 78 XUE WANG 79 CHARLOTTE POSNER 80 MARCK KASHU 82 IVAN KOVALEV Photographer 84 ALEMÃO ART Anderson Ferreira Lemes 86 LOW-WE 88 RONALD HOFMAN 90 BACK NUMBERS 92 6 STARS AWARDS WINNERS of the CASE 59 "FOOD VS CUISINE" Please note that , This is a Pre-Order ! We dont keep stock and print on Demand Only! Once your order is placed and accepted the process starts . Please understand that it takes time before the Magazines arrives to our office before shipping . Depending on the days it takes up to 6-8weeks for the Hard copies to be ready. Shipping time ; Europe 7-10 days but may be some delays according to the countries . USA 5-7 days but may be some delays . Asia 5-7 days India 10-15 days Italy 10-20 days Please Understand We dont refund after 3 days of the acceptance and if the order is confirmed. We refund in case if there are our mistakes or some issues due to the shipping countries that have long delays or not available. We refund in 1 day in case if you place your order by some mistake and contacted us in 24 hours . Shipping fees are set by the Post office and we cant control that part , Japan has high rates for international delivery same as in other countries . Shipping fee includes packaging fee . Thank you for your kind understanding !

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